#WisdomWednesday C2C Mini-Blog by Greg B.

This week we celebrated our son’s 4th birthday! We have been building this up with anticipation for weeks and his big day finally arrived.

What I found most amazing was in his own mind he was different because of the fact that he was no longer three. It was like he could now do all sorts of things that were previously blocked to him. In fact, when we would ask him to do something new he would often say, “I can’t do that yet, I’m only 3!”

It’s amazing to watch children grow up right before your eyes. Growing is a natural part of life. Healthy leaders grow. Healthy teams grow. Healthy companies grow.

Are you growing?

As we become adults our bodies stop growing but that does not me our capacity for growth has come to an end. No. No matter how young or old one is your capacity for growth is significant. We can each grow in our work ethic, knowledge, skill set, and attitudes. We can also grow in personal discipline, emotional intelligence, communication, decision making and self-awareness.

Have your dramatic growth experiences like turning 4 fallen into your past? Have you or your team become so comfortable that you are in the same place doing the same things?


– Write Down two or three professional development goals and put them where you will see them
– Do the same for your team
– Ask someone to hold you accountable for each of the above

“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Steve Jobs

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