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Photo of Jill A-H

Jill A-H

Thyroid Health Coach

“Only when our body is convinced that the war is over, can health and healing can occur.

Jill is a Thyroid Health + Lifestyle Expert and Certified Transformational Coach. She specializes in teaching women with thyroid and hormonal imbalance how to get their sexy back so that they can live a juicy, delicious life.

Photo of Amy B

Amy B

Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach

Amy is a Certified Life and Career Coach and Trained Recovery Coach. She works with clients on life coaching and career coaching issues and entrepreneurs. Those who are stuck in their life, need guidance and someone to help them facilitate a process so he/she can create new thinking and habits and in general, a new life.…

Photo of David B

David B

Leadership development, Team Building, and Transition Coach

“Transforming Executives in Leaders”

David is one of those rare coaches who has actually run a global team and p & l. He has consistently been able to maximize organizational results while maintaining exemplary employee engagement scores. His expertise in assessment, behavior change, and team building enables him to quickly identify strategies for improving performance while enhancing the balance of work and life.…

Photo of Greg B.

Greg B.

Performance and Executive Coach

“Get Clear, Take Action, See Results” 

Over 15 years of professional leadership experience in both corporate and religious sectors Greg is a coach, consultant, facilitator, and speaker. He serves executives, human resources teams, and business owners who want to develop a company culture that engages the best qualities of everyone on their team.Greg works with organizational leaders to drive development, performance, and overall organizational health.…

Photo of Melissa C LCSW

Melissa C LCSW

Millennials, Anxiety and Transitions Coach

“Explore the future, Achieve your potential.”

Melissa is a licensed clinical social worker, independent educational consultant, certified professional coach and Amazon bestselling author of ParentKnowledgy – A (Simple) Guide to Surviving Your Teen. She has been in practice for more than 20 years and is dedicated to helping individuals find their own identity while managing their need for independence.…

Photo of Rob F

Rob F

Creative Coach, Business coach

“Focus your creative ideas, then you can make money with your talents.”

As a business and creativity coach, Rob helps right-brain people succeed in a rational, left-brain business landscape. Using his innovative and humorous approach to the challenges faced by small and creative companies, Rob has helped dozens of entrepreneurs create, sell and win in today’s marketplace.…

Photo of Rahti G

Rahti G

Artist, Creativity and ADHD Coach

“I help artists of all mediums and entrepreneurs with ADHD who struggle with income, irregular hours and isolation become successful personally and professionally.”   

As an actor, playwright, standup comic, private cook, company manager, restaurant hostess and adoptive parent,  I can accurately say that I’ve experienced life from many enriching perspectives.  …

Photo of Mindy G-P

Mindy G-P

Eating Psychology Coach

Wouldn’t you love to know that you can transform your relationship with food from one mired in fear and confusion to one that is joyous, loving and free?


Mindy brings 20 years of nutritional counseling experience as a Board Certified Health Coach, Certified Eating Psychology Coach and Nutrition Consultant.…

Photo of Barbara H

Barbara H

Grief Coach

“I am on a mission to help others understand they can choose to heal and find a new normal after traumatic loss.”

Barbara H is the founder, President and Executive Director of A Butterfly’s Journey. She has led families through the journey of grief for more than twelve years, following the sudden death of her 21-year-old son and two infants.

Photo of Mitch H

Mitch H

Sales Coach

Mitch Harris, aka “The Samurai Of Sales,” is highly regarded as one of the top performance and turnaround experts in the sales and marketing industries today.

He is a master at helping both individual entrepreneurs as well as performance driven organizations from many different industries to achieve drastically improved results, in a very short period of time.…

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